Monday, August 18, 2008

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Condé Nast Traveler: "Matt Damon's Good Work Hunting
by Dorinda Elliott | Published September 2008 | See more Condé Nast Traveler articles ›
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The travel was rugged but fantastic, Damon says—moving from school to clinic, from one remote village to another. Damon's brother, Kyle, a sculptor who traveled with him on that first trip, has told me that the two were determined to downplay the star's fame, to be tough travelers and good students. But even the best of travelers can sometimes be undone by creepy crawlers in the night. Once, in a Zambian village, Kyle said, he and his brother 'were outed as complete wusses.' Confronted by giant bugs—prehistoric is the word Kyle used—the two of them hid under their mosquito nets and yelled for the bodyguard to come save them. 'It was hard to view ourselves as tough guys, cowering under the net and clutching our malaria meds,' Kyle says, with a typical Damon laugh."